Goodbye Letter to Drugs: Why & How to Write One Sanctuary Foundation

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Cindy Patterson accepted her role as Chief Development and Marketing Officer in 2019. Of Development for Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee, a position she held for 10 years after serving as Development Director for Nashville Read. Before her many years in fundraising, Cindy was the Manager of Premium Services for American Airlines. Butch began counseling in 1989 and worked with Cumberland Heights throughout the 90s doing Aftercare, contract work and individual counseling. Butch Glover, a state licensed and nationally certified addiction counselor, accepted his role as Chief Operations Officer in 2015. Dr. Sledge served on the board of directors for the American Society of Addiction Medicine and was among the first physicians to receive certification from them.

Addiction, you’re a liar, a thief, and a cruel master. When things began to look up, you grabbed me by the ankles and pulled me right back into the mess. When I wanted to change for the better, you told me I couldn’t live without you.

Letter To Addiction: Saying Goodbye to Heroin

To which I respond, “I CHOOSE to attend meetings BECAUSE it works.” AA has helped millions of people get… I have always stood by your side, and today, I am still standing. Our wedding vows said, “In sickness and in health,” and I take that very seriously. I have stood by you during this sickness and I have presented you with options, I hope that you choose your health, our love, and our life together. But, if you are in therapy for alcoholism, it’s a useful tool to share with your counselor or group. This letter gives an honest look at your struggle with alcohol from your point of view. When using this tool, one writes without regard to normal conventions of grammar and spelling.

goodbye letter to drug of choice

Without you, Addiction, I’m doing things I’ve never thought were possible. I have people that I love, and I know they love me back. And I’m able to watch my daughters grow older. Then, one day, you pushed me into that grave and began covering me up. You thought you would be saying the goodbye.

The Link Between Drug Abuse and Mental Illness

MAT is crucial for life-threatening detox processes. Make this goodbye letter to addiction your last one. While our clinical team recommends therapeutic writing, we also know there is more to accomplish for a successful recovery. Resurgence Behavioral Health will assess your unique needs and design a treatment plan individualized for you. I now know that none of these feelings were genuine and that I was being manipulated throughout our time together. Whenever I felt like you were the key to getting through life, it was nothing more than a lie. For this and many more reasons, it is now time to bid you “goodbye” forever.

I am not going to stop spreading a message of hope. As you write, remember that this letter is for you. Do not hesitate to write more than one.

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You don’t stop even when we are lying broken on the floor, crying and begging for mercy. You don’t stop when we are shaking, physically withdrawing from your chemicals.

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On Sunday, the « Jackass » star transferred himself from Los Angeles’ Cedars-Sinai Medical Center to an undisclosed rehab facility. When you are strong in recovery, it may be helpful to share your letter with family and friends. Your insights into those behaviors may help heal broken relationships cause by alcoholism. Richard Singer goodbye letter to addiction is a recovering alcoholic and drug addict who was once homeless and ready to die as a direct result of addiction. Richard has over 20 years of extensive experience in the field of addiction treatment as a psychotherapist and educator. Intensive outpatient programs provide your medical care from the convenience of home.

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